Clarification notes received from Vistry – 2 November 2021

Notes Uploaded on November 2, 2021

Clarification Notes received from Vistry on 2 November 2021

As a follow-on to the Vistry meeting notes published on 29 October 2021, the PC further represented the views and concerns of residents, and those of the Parish Council, regarding the three parcels of land previously transferred to third parties.

The Parish Council has received the following communication from Vistry.

The Parish Council will receive this information at the PC meeting on 15th November 2021 and will table a motion to enable the PC to discuss the communication at that meeting.

Any questions on the content should be addressed through the Parish Clerk.

The note from Supriya Ray states as follows:

Following our conversation yesterday, I attach an extract from the TP1 showing the restrictive covenants which we typically include in all land transfers. In summary the TP1 includes the following 2 key constraints:

1. Not permit the construction of any buildings on the land without our consent or use the land for any trade/business. 2. Not cause any nuisance to our retained land or to any of the adjacent owners/occupiers, which in the case of one of the transfer means the allotments. I trust the above gives you the re-assurances you and your constituents require.”

Extract from the TP1 12.1