Grant Policy

Policy Uploaded on October 11, 2021

Upper Rissington Parish Council awards grants of up to £500 per financial year to local organizations to assist them to achieve their aims and objectives.

The Council has a policy of only assisting truly local community groups, and this is interpreted to mean those organizations based in the Parish, or national organizations providing support to the residents of the Parish.

How an application is considered

All applications will be considered on their individual merits. The Council will consider applications on the following basis:

  • How the grant will meet the needs of the Parish
  • How effectively your group plans to use the grant
  • Whether the costs are appropriate and realistic
  • Level of contributions raised locally / through other sources
  • Whether the applicant could reasonably have been expected to obtain sufficient funding from a

    more appropriate source

  • The group’s governance procedures
  • Availability of Parish Council funds

Grant Applications will be considered twice a year (July and December), by the Full Council. You are expected to attend the relevant Council meeting to provide any additional supporting information and answer any questions the Council may have.

The annual Grants budget will be divided into two equal tranches. If the total amount of approved awards is less than the July tranche figure, the difference will be added to the funds available to be distributed at the December grants decision.

Deadline dates for the receipt of Grant Applications are listed at the end of these guidance notes. Grants received after this date will not be considered. In the event that there are no applications by the deadline date, the deadline date may be extended at the discretion of the Parish Council / Chairman.

Grants to successful applicants will be paid in the month following the Grant Decision meeting and will be paid by cheque.

Applications must fulfil at least two of the Parish Council’s General Aims & Objectives:

  • To engage in an open dialogue with the residents.
  • To provide a democratic representational voice for the community.
  • To support and contribute to the economic and social life of the village.
  • To encourage and promote the economic and commercial vitality of the village.
  • To help to create a socially inclusive and caring community.
  • To organize, promote and manage a variety of events within the Village.
  • To protect and improve the environment of the village and promote sustainable development.

What the Parish Council will not fund:

  • Activities that are part of the Council’s statutory obligations
  • Loan repayments
  • Retrospective applications where the activity or project has already been carried out
  • Religious or political activities unless unrestricted community benefit can be demonstrated
  • Applications for the benefit of an individual
  • Any group that has received the maximum grant from the Parish Council within the current financial year
  • Any group whose aims the Parish Council considers to be working within a business or profit making remit.

What it will fund?

  • Grants Fund will fund either new projects or continued services with funding lasting no more than three years with the value of the project being no more than £1000.
  • Grants Fund may be used as match funding.
    The application form, accounts and other information will be placed on the public agenda of the Council

    meetings. No personal data will be disclosed.

    The Parish Council must be satisfied that the funding is of commensurate benefit to the residents of the Parish of Upper Rissington.

    Successful applicants may be required to submit a Monitoring Form on the success of their project. The final decision on assessment of applications and the level of any award offered lies with Upper Rissington Parish Council.

    Recognition of the grant from Upper Rissington Parish Council must be made in any publicity and acknowledged on any letterheads and promotional documents.

How to apply

  • Applications for funding must be made on the following Grant Application Form
  • A copy of the organization’s governing document should be forwarded with the application
  • A copy of either audited accounts/budget for the relevant financial year must be forwarded with the application
  • Additional information e.g. leaflets, literature, annual reports etc. providing evidence of previous work undertaken are also welcomed

The application form can be found as an attachment to this page.