Locum Cover Policy

Policy Uploaded on February 14, 2022

Locum Cover Policy

February 2022

1. Short Term Cover

1.1.  If the Clerk is unable to work due to illness or injury, they should inform the Chairman on the same day, or in their absence the Vice-Chairman, in accordance with the Absence Policy.

1.2.  If absence is likely to last longer than 14 calendar days, then the Chairman may, in consultation with the Clerk, arrange for locum cover if deemed necessary.

1.3.  They should use qualified Clerks from the Locum List maintained by GAPTC by preference; but if none are available, then a Clerk or Deputy Clerk from another parish or town council.

1.4.  The maximum expenditure on locum Clerk support is £1,000. Any need for ongoing locum support above this amount or beyond the next meeting must be considered by the council.

1.5.  If the Clerk is unavailable for a council or committee meeting at short notice, the Clerk or Chairman will ask a locum Clerk to provide cover. If this is not possible, then the Chairman may ask another councillor to take the minutes or will take responsibility for cancelling the meeting.

2. Long Term Cover

2.1.  In case of a serious illness or where the Clerk is uncontactable for a period of more than 14 calendar days, the Chairman may open the ‘Chairman’s Box File’, which contains passwords to allow access to the Clerk’s council email account.

2.2.  Opening of the Chairman’s Box File must be reported to all councillors immediately, and reported to the next available council meeting, in accordance with Financial Regulation 6.11.

2.3.  Arrangements should be made for checking post, answer phone and email for urgent business at least once per week. The Chairman will hold a spare set of keys for this purpose.

2.4.  The council’s insurance includes ‘Key Person’ cover. If the Clerk is unable to work due to sudden illness or injury for 14 days or longer, then a payment is made to the council to contribute towards the cost of a locum or temporary person. The Chairman will notify the council’s insurers about any potential claim as soon as the need becomes apparent.

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Resolved by the Council on: 14 February 2022

Next Review Due: February 2023