Notes of a site meeting with Vistry – 13 October 2021

Notes Uploaded on October 13, 2021

Notes of a discussion which took place on Wednesday 13th October 2021 with Supriya Ray and Rob Stroud, Vistry

The discussion took place solely to discuss issues arising with the Public Open Space at Upper Rissington. People present: Cllr. Andy Cairns, Cllr. Kelvin Walker, Vanessa Oliveri, Parish Clerk Supriya Ray and Rob Stroud, Vistry The following items were discussed:

  • Completion of the whole of the Public Open Space, with a view to agreeing a date for handing over the whole of the POS. (Action: Vistry)
  • The Parish Council confirming that a Bowling Green, Cricket strip, 1 x full size football pitch and 4 x five a side football pitches were still expected to be installed as per the original planning permission granted on the POS, along with the completion the other big projects such as the Tennis Courts, Allotments etc. Vistry confirmed that they would arrange for contractors to progress the Bowling Green and Cricket pitch as soon as possible.
  • Once work has commenced and committed on the bowling green and cricket wicket the Parish Council would consider a credible plan for a two phased handover of POS. Straightforward areas such as, the play areas, skate park, trim trails, allotments, tennis courts, football pitches (once white lined and goalposts painted – nets will also be provided) along with the bulk of the completed POS areas. Vistry would prepare a plan to indicate the phasing (Action URPC/Vistry).
  • The allotment area would be completed closer to handover date. (Action: Vistry)
  • Vistry has already obtained some of the safety certificates on certain recreation areas on the site. Vistry agreed that they would arrange for the other recreation areas to be completed as soon as possible and obtain the safety certificates required prior to handover. (Action: Vistry)
  • Cllr. Andy Cairns had updated the snagging list – this was to be forwarded to Supriya and Rob. Cllr. Andy Cairns agreed to update the snagging list and remove any items which were not required on the list and the list was to be forwarded to Supriya Ray and Rob Stroud. A regular exchange of updated snag lists would be helpful. (Action: URPC)
  • A plan was to be drawn up of the location of the 200 trees which the Parish Council were going to receive and pass the plan onto Vistry and Martin Perks, CDC Planning Officer for approval. (Action: URPC)
  • The Parish Council confirmed that they would be taking on the POS and there is no intention for it to be handed over to a Management Company. The Parish Council has currently obtained 4 quotes for the POS works and has agreed to obtain a further 2 quotes. Details on cost to be sent to Vistry within the next two months subject to receipt and subsequent clarifications of the quotations. (Action: URPC)
  • The Parish Council acknowledged that Vistry is about to submit a planning application to change the land previously designated for the Village Pub to up to 8 houses. The application and any comments or objections will be duly considered by the council when it appears on the planning portal.
  • Land behind Smith Barry Circus and by the allotments – The Parish Council confirmed that they want the whole of the POS included in the agreement as per the original planning application which had been approved by CDC in 2018 (plan Rev B). Vistry members confirmed that a transaction had already taken place of the sale of a piece of land alongside the allotments. The Parish Council confirmed by selling the piece of land that there was now a significant risk for the allotment land as the land sold is right up against the allotment land. Vistry confirmed that the rest of the area missing from the POS (behind Smith Barry Circus) would be returned to the POS plan. The Parish Council confirmed that they are pursuing the enquiry of the sale of the piece of land from POS as this matter had been raised by a few residents in the village. Supriya and Rob agreed that Vistry would revert to Rev B which had been previously approved by CDC. Cllr. Andy Cairns requested Vistry to confirm in writing the full details, including any transaction dates, of what had been done regarding the purchase of the piece of land from the POS. (Action: Vistry)
  • Copies of any information on both the POS amendments and pub development applications will be copied directly in to the URPC (Action:Vistry)

URPC Addendum to Meeting Notes:

On 25 Oct 21 Vistry replied with the following additional information:

“Please also find attached the areas of land that have been transferred to a third party as discussed in the meeting. For confidentiality reasons we are unable to share details of the transfer but safe to say it is no longer within our legal ownership. Also, as discussed , none of these areas form part of the POS proposals and were part of an exercise by Linden/Bovis land teams to reduce our liability on this development.

Transfer 1 – Area of no mans land adjacent allotment surplus to requirement as the allocated allotment area indicated on our POS plans fulfilled our obligations from the approved plans.

Transfer 2 – Area of incidental space with high volume of trees which also do not form part of the approved POS provision.

Transfer 3 – Area of Smiths Barry Circus Highway.”

Additionally on 27 Oct 21 Vistry confirmed the following regarding land that was previously approved as POS (Revision B) but had subsequently been removed under proposed Revisions D-F: “As confirmed in the meeting we will be adding the area back onto the POS plan as per the original version Rev B. We have instructed our consultants to make the modification and will be resubmitting the plan to the Local Authority in the next few weeks. We will forward a copy to the Parish Council team in advance of the submission.” Rev B Rev F.

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