Notes of a site meeting with Vistry – 27 August 2021

Notes Uploaded on August 27, 2021

Notes of a site meeting held with Vistry on 27.8.2021

People in attendance: Cllr. A. Cairns, Cllr. K. Walker, Cllr. S. Garrett, Vanessa Oliveri (Clerk) 5 members of Vistry

The purpose of the site meeting was for Vistry to update the Parish Council where they were with the snagging list which had been provided by the Parish Council and provide an update on a time scale of works leading up to handing over the Public Open Space.

  • It was agreed for the Parish Clerk to pass on any jobs required on the POS to Rob Stroud, Vistry. • Vistry were to provide details of the pack that would be provided for handover, including inspection certificates, OEM manuals, updated drawings to match handover areas.
  • A tree survey was to be undertaken of all the newly planted trees on the POS – A Parish Councillor was to attend the walk around with Vistry whilst the tree survey was undertaken.
  • General vegetation tidying and upkeep required across the whole site.
  • Vistry agreed to tidy up and cut the grassed area of the village fete site (and maze) in the week preceding the fete. • After fete de-stone strips around paths and prepare ground to be and seeded.
  • They are struggling to maintain all areas.
  • They are still pushing for phased handover, as they are struggling to keep on top of ongoing maintenance. They would like to hand some over to focus on completing. Less week-to-week maintenance will allow them to concentrate on completing everything.
  • Remove fencing in the undergrowth to the rear of the three Smith Barry houses that back on to the Attenuation Pond. Fencing needs to be removed before it becomes impossible due to growth. We need to drop residents a short note to tell them (not ask them) that it will be removed. Do this ASAP then tell Vistry they can go ahead and remove.
  • They are going to look at the bearings on the roundabout on the playground on the main playing field near Godfrey Place.
  • Letters ready to be delivered to Godfrey Place residents re parking slots and then in turn signs will be put in place.
  • We need to moderate the snagging list better and make sure they are all valid snags before sending to Vistry. We should not send the publics gripes and grumbles (and not proper snags) to Vistry without us checking first. If there are too many minor snags they may have to resort to H&S issues only.
  • They will give us updates each week (or two?) as to what snags have been resolved. We can then update our list (to be available to all the councillors).
  • Vistry are going to come back to us with an answer about the strip of land behind Smith Barry as this piece had been omitted off the recent POS map.
  • They would be happy to mark out Allotments in to half plots. Soil improvement, finishing off will be done much closer to POS handover. No real need to do it now.
  • Work “going on in the background” regarding lack of Bowling Green. Suspect that means another request to amend planning.
  • Vistry (Rob Derricott) during the walk around also mentioned that they had sold on their planning consent for 10 new homes onto Kendrick Homes.