Notes of a site meeting with Vistry – 6 December 2022

Notes Uploaded on December 21, 2022

Notes of a site meeting with Vistry on 6.12.2022

In attendance:
Cllr. A. Cairns, Chairman
Cllr. S. Mitchell
Jeremy Cook, Consultant, Vistry
Rob Derricott, Associate Engineering Director, Vistry
Vanessa Oliveri, Parish Clerk

Points discussed at the meeting: –

  • Cricket Wicket – Vistry were waiting for their contractors to get back to them on any costs incurred in purchasing material ahead of the installation of the cricket wicket. Once they have received this information then they will be able to discuss the possibility of the provision and installation of a metal fence and gate around the bowling green.
  • Football Goals – It was confirmed and agreed that Vistry were to install a set of metal goals for a full size football pitch and one set of metal goals for a five a side football pitch.
  • Tennis Courts – Vistry’s solicitor confirmed that they still hadn’t received the allotment and tennis court licence. The Clerk had printed another copy, and the licence had been signed by two Parish Councillors and witnessed by the Clerk and Rob Derricott agreed to hand deliver the licence to the solicitor straight after the meeting.
  • Tree Guards – Vistry agreed that there were a few more tree guards to be removed.
  • Attenuation Pond – Vistry were waiting further communication with Albion Water to progress the ownership and responsibility of the interceptors and drains for the attenuation pond.
  • Handover Plan for POS – Vistry’s solicitor was in the process of drawing up a draft plan to include a time table of the handover process of the POS in the village and the maintenance fee.
  • Fenced off Area – It was confirmed at the meeting that the wooden fence had been completely removed from the fenced off area just up from the allotments.
  • Fence between Albion Water and Ansell’s Copse – Vistry confirmed that the work was planned to commence week commencing 12/12/2022.
  • Chain link fence at bottom of Ansell’s Copse – This work was due to be completed by the end of this week.
  • Notice Board – Vistry were waiting for the delivery of the metal notice board and would install it alongside the tennis courts as soon as it arrives.
  • Rubber Grass Matting – Vistry agreed to have a look at the rubber grass matting which was lifting alongside the tall slide leading down to Ansell’s Copse.
  • Flower Beds Behind the Officer’s Mess – The flower beds were due to be planted with low maintenance plants.
  • Round-a-bout by Co-op – Vistry confirmed that brighter lighting had been installed on the round-a-bout. An order for solar lighting on the round-a-bout had been placed. Vistry had a meeting arranged with their contractors to progress the re-surfacing of the round-a- bout.
  • Small square brick building under the trees by Harris Gardens – Vistry confirmed that the small red brick building was due to be bricked up this Friday and all rubbish removed from the site.
  • Collapsing Wall leading into Folland Park – Vistry were carrying out a legal search on the area with the collapsing wall leading into Folland Park and agreed that the leylandii trees would need to be removed as it was evident that this was the cause of the problem.
  • Mud on Road – Vistry agreed to contact Piper Homes & Kendrick regarding the issue with mud on the road. The Clerk agreed to follow this up as well.
  • Vistry’s Maintenance Person – Vistry were asked to let the PC see the maintenance person’s contract omitting his personal details. TUPE was discussed again, and the PC confirmed that they were not in the position to take someone on under this arrangement. Vistry would contact their HR department regarding this issue.
  • Land adjacent to Godfrey Place – This area has not been maintained by the contractors and had been left as a scrub area of land. Vistry agreed to have a look at this area after the meeting.
  • Dead/broken trees – Vistry confirmed that the area with the dead/broken trees by the skate park / Barrington Road was to be re-planted.
  • The date of next meeting was arranged for Tuesday 31st January 2023 at the Village Hall at 9.00 am.
  • Interim Meeting – A catch up meeting via Zoom was agreed for Friday 6th January 2023 at 9.00 am to update on progress of works.