Interim Clerk Arrangements

Vanessa Oliveri will continue to work as Upper Rissington Parish Clerk until the first week of August.  We realise that her departure will generate some concerns in the short term over the management of the Parish.  We would like to assure you that the URPC have already taken steps to secure support from highly experienced clerks following engagement with GAPTC.  We are grateful to them for all their assistance.

Jules Owen is a Locum Clerk who has already been working with the Parish Council over the past few months on the delivery of the Public Open Spaces – she will continue in this role and will also look to assist the Parish Council in other areas.

Ruth Waller is a Locum Clerk who has already supported the Parish Council at meetings.  She will start on a part time basis with the Parish Council on 24 July and will take over the key administrative aspects of the Parish Clerk role.

There is a high chance that we will also be able to get further support from another locum clerk who will support the financial aspects of the Parish responsibilities.

All support will be achieved within or planned budget variations.

Please note that the Parish Council phone number will not be monitored whilst interim arrangements are put in place.

There is expected to be no impact to the Village Hall booking process.

All correspondence should be sent to with a copy to