Photo of a path in Upper Rissington, surrounded by Daffodils and trees.

Spring 2024 update from the Parish Council

As featured in the Spring 2024 edition of The Breeze

Over the last few months the Parish Council (PC) has been busy making changes and progressing the actions started in 2023. One recent change is in the Councillors on the Council, and we have sadly had to say goodbye and thank you to Nick Maxey for all his hard work on behalf of the community while acting as a Councillor and Chairman of the Upper Rissington PC; and we welcome Jonathan Truslow as the new Chairman of the PC and wish him luck in the new role.

Another significant change for the Council is the completion of the Public Open Space (POS) transfer, which we can now say has been signed and should be finalised within the coming months. Repairs and snagging continue to be worked and completed, with the aim for the PC to commence all maintenance for Upper Rissington within the next few months once the snagging is finished. Residents will see that improvements continue to be made with new hoggin paths installed around the Village Hall and further works are planned to commence later this year.

On another sad note, vandalism still continues to be an issue across the village with signs being ripped down and broken glass bottles around the play parks/skating park. All these issues continue to be reported to police and we ask that all residents highlight any issues to the police and the Clerk, as soon as possible so we can continue to monitor the situation.

Other important updates to note include:

  • Tree works are now commencing, and a further survey will be completed to ensure all trees within the Parish are included for any necessary future work.
  • Improvements continue to be made to the allotments, which are being fully used now and have a waiting list, this includes the new manure pen.
  • From a wider community perspective, the second Defibrillator fitted to the Dragon Vets building (the old Co-Op) will soon be in place and operational.
  • The fence to the Bowling Green is soon to be installed, and we will then be opening this for public use shortly after, ready for summer games.
  • The tennis courts will hopefully be opening early on March 1st as the weather is cooperating and starting to get warmer as we head into spring.
  • The Emergency Plan has passed approval from the District Council and training is underway to help progress the plan. More volunteers are needed to implement actions from this Plan.
  • Over the next year, improvements in the Village Hall will continue to be made, with work having already started on the windows and doors.

The most exciting news we have to announce is … Did you know that on the 1st of April 2000 the Parish of Little Rissington split, and the Old Air Base (ex RAF Housing) became the Parish of Upper Rissington? Next year we will celebrate 25 years of being Upper Rissington and a lot has happened in those years. The old hangers were removed and over 400 new houses were built along with a primary school, new Village Hall, shops and a gym. We have tennis courts and soon the bowling green will be in use. We’ve finally taken over the open spaces – a long journey – but a good ending.

So with that in mind … we’d like to invite all groups and organisations to join us for our Annual Parish Meeting! This will take place at 7pm on Monday 18th March at the Village Hall. It’s an opportunity to inform others what your group is about and what has been achieved over the years.

It’s a chance for people to ask questions and learn what the community has to offer. The PC will be providing FREE refreshments. We look forward to seeing you there.