Notes of a site meeting with Vistry – 4 October 2022

Notes Uploaded on October 4, 2022

Notes of a site meeting with Vistry on 4.10.2022

In attendance: Cllr. A. Cairns, Chairman Cllr. S. Mitchell Jeremy Cook, Consultant, Vistry Rob Derricott, Associate Engineering Director, Vistry Vanessa Oliveri, Parish Clerk

Points discussed at the meeting:

  • Bowling Green – Vistry confirmed that the works on the Bowling Green should be completed within the next two days. Vistry agreed to leave Herras fencing around the bowling green in place until handover of the POS. The PC planned to discuss installation of a knee high metal fence around the bowling green and provision of benches for spectators at the October PC meeting.
  • Cricket Wicket – It was agreed to install the cricket wicket with the lay of the land – contractors to be consulted on this decision.
  • Tennis Courts – A twelve month warranty on the tennis courts would be provided by Vistry upon handover of the POS.
  • Allotments – The allotments had been rotavated and marked out in preparation of handover. The PC requested permission from Vistry to handover the allotment area as soon as possible. Jeremy Cook was to put this request forward and notify the PC of the decision. The Clerk was to check that the PC’s insurance policy covers the use of the allotment land whilst not owned by the PC. Vistry to check on provision of sheds for the allotments. Parish Councillors present indicated that one big allotment shed by the entrance maybe better and Vistry to provide water butts for the allotments.
  • Meadow Area just up from Allotments – Vistry confirmed that the meadow area had been cut and shredded.
  • Play Area Certificates – All play areas on the POS had safety certificates. Vistry agreed that new safety certificates would be provided upon handover of the POS.
  • Tree Guards – Vistry were progressing with removing the plastic tree guards off all trees on the POS in the village.
  • Orchard Area – Vistry confirmed that the orchard area had been cut. • Attenuation Pond – Vistry had a meeting arranged with Albion Water this week to progress on ownership/maintenance of the attenuation pond and infrastructure of the water supply.
  • Grass Cutting – Vistry confirmed that the POS was looking much better with contractors continuing to cut the grass on site.
  • Quotations for maintenance of the Public Space – Vistry agreed to put into writing an offer to cover the maintenance of the POS for the next five years.
  • Handover Plan for POS – Jeremy Cook agreed that a handover of the whole of the POS and dates to be confirmed was in progress and would keep the PC informed on progress. The allotment area to be an exception and to be released earlier.
  • Fenced off Area – Vistry confirmed that legal action was being progressed and would keep the PC informed of any updates. Upon handover of the POS if this situation hadn’t been resolved there would have to be a condition in the handover process as the PC did not wish to take on a legal dispute.
  • Road Safety Audit – Vistry confirmed that the road safety audits 1 and 2 had been undertaken and stage three had been undertaken on the main round-a-bout to the village. A further stage 3 was to be undertaken for the rest of the roads in the village.
  • Fence between Albion Water and Ansell’s Copse – Vistry to complete work.
  • Chain link fence at bottom of Ansell’s Copse – Vistry to check if this work had been completed.
  • Notice Board – Vistry confirmed that an order had been placed for a metal notice board and this was scheduled to be installed within the next two weeks.
  • Plastic caps on slide – Vistry to check if plastic caps were in place.
  • Rubber Grass Matting – Vistry to check if the cut grass matting had been repaired/replaced.
  • Flower Beds Behind the Officer’s Mess – Vistry to check if this work had been completed.
  • Round-a-bout by Co-op – Complaints had been received that the visibility at the rounda-bout by the Co-op was poor. Kendrick’s contractors were also parking right up to the round-a-bout which was causing a further problem. The stage 3 road safety audit would check on the poor visibility at the round-a-bout.
  • Small square brick building under the trees by Harris Gardens – Anti-social behaviour had been evident in this area, so the PC had asked Vistry to look into removing the brick building prior to handing over the POS. Vistry agreed to have a look at this particular site after the meeting.

The date of next meeting was arranged for Tuesday 8 th November 2022 at the Village Hall at 9.00 am.

The meeting closed at 10.02 am.