Village Hall

Village Hall

Upper Rissington Village Hall is a modern building consisting of main hall, meeting room, kitchen and changing rooms. There is parking on site and the building is fully accessible. Discounted rates are available to residents, charity and community groups. The Village Hall is managed by the Upper Rissington Parish Council. If you have any questions about the use of the hall, please email

Hire costs (per hour) from 1 April 2024

Main Hall

Standard/Commercial Rate: £20

Resident Rate: £15

Charity Rate: £10

Community Room

Standard/Commercial Rate: £16

Resident Rate: £12

Charity Rate: £8

Please enter the code Charity or Resident in the box titled ‘Customer code’ when making a booking to apply the correct rate otherwise you’ll be charged at the standard rate.

Rates Clarification:

Standard / Commercial rate – This rate is applicable to all Persons or Organisations/Committees who do not come under the criteria of sections A and B as defined below. This rate encompasses all bookings made by local   or out of area groups/persons who are running activities/events/classes ‘for profit’ e.g.: dance classes, yoga etc. and any commercial bookings e.g.: Paid entry dances/parties or similar.

Resident rate –A resident shall be defined as any person over the age of 21 years, who at the time of making the booking is living within the Parish of Upper Rissington. The person making the booking must attend the event which should be a social and not for profit event such as a birthday party, celebration or similar.

Charity rate – A registered charity is defined as one that is registered with the Charity Commission and having a constitution document and registration number. It also includes Exempted Charities. The Community rate is applicable to those groups or organisations who are based within the Parish of Upper Rissington and operate on a not for profit basis and provides activities or events which benefit the village e.g.: Social or Sports Committees.

At the discretion of the Parish Clerk, these rates can be applied to other groups outside the Parish of Upper Rissington.

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Terms & Conditions:

You can find a copy of the terms of use of the Village Hall online to view

All bookings and categories are subject to the approval of the Parish Council. Any booking which the booking clerk believes to be controversial, shall be referred to the Parish Council for consideration.

The Community Room

  • The community room measures 4.85m x 6.48m and leads off the foyer.
  • This area has provisional capacity of: 40 standing, 25 seated.
  • This is a multipurpose room which can be used for all kinds of activities.
  • On the north side there are double glazed patio doors which can be fully opened to lead out to the external patio space.
  • It is connected to the kitchen facility on the east wall through a serving hatch that can be opened or shut therefore sealing off one from the other.
  • Furniture consists of table and chairs which can be arranged as required by the Hirer.
  • If the whole hall is hired, the dividing panels between the Community Room and Foyer, can be ‘folded’ away, making a large open space.

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The Main Hall

  • The main hall measures 17.90m x 10.04m.
  • Provisional capacity: 240 standing, 145 seated.
  • The floor of the main hall is vinyl and is marked out for badminton. It is suitable for all kinds of softball activities but is not suitable for any activities using a hard ball e.g. five a side.
  • The Parish Council should be contacted to discuss proposed sports use prior to making any booking. The main hall is also suitable for all kinds of social events, e.g. barn dances, pantomimes, film nights, childrens parties, etc.
  • It is connected to the foyer through double doors and to the outside through three sets of emergency doors on the external walls.
  • On the west wall, there is a considerable size serving hatch to the kitchen, which can be open or shut sealing off one from the other.

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The Kitchen

  • The kitchen measures 4.85m x 6.48m (wall to wall).
  • Its use may be hired in conjunction with the community room or main hall.
  • It is connected to both the community room and the main hall by serving hatches, the one to the main hall being of considerable size.
  • The kitchen is well fitted out with modern cupboards, cooker, fridge freezer, integral water boiler for hot drinks and washing up facilities.
  • The facilities are not suited to cooking food but can be used to reheat food.
  • There is the provision of a limited number of plates, cups and saucers, knives and forks for use by Hirers.
  • Basic cleaning materials sufficient to allow Hirers to leave the kitchen in the condition in which they found it is available free of charge.

The Foyer

  • The foyer measures 5.20m x 9.65m and is not bookable.
  • It is fully carpeted, with underfloor heating and maintained to 20 degrees centigrade at all times.
  • The foyer provides common access to: the toilets and changing rooms, the Community Room, the Kitchen and Main Hall.
  • It is divided from the Community Room by a sliding partition arrangement which can be either open or closed, operated by the administration staff only.

Storage areas.

  • The large storage room (on the right in the picture) measures 5.57m x 7.30m x 2.35m high. It is available to Hirers by prior arrangement to store equipment used on a regular basis.
  • The smaller storage room (left unlocked) measures 5.57m x 2.57m x 2.48m high. Is used to store chairs, tables etc which are in common use in the hall.
  • Both storage areas are accessed by double doors which have an open aperture of: 1.6m wide x 2.0m high.

Toilets and Changing Rooms

  • Modern, fully equipped facilities are provided for males, females and disabled off the foyer.
  • The toilets and changing rooms are considered common usage and are integral with the hire of the community room or main hall.
  • The male and female showers are considered a separate entity and use of them shall be specified at the time of hire.

General facilities

  • All areas are well equipped with double 240 volt sockets.
  • High speed broadband, will be free of charge to Hirers and Users via wifi. Initial registration is required to access this service.
  • A vacuum cleaner, brushes and basic cleaning materials will be available to Hirers.
  • It is a Term of Hire that Hirers shall return any areas hired in the condition in which they found them. Not to do so is considered a breach of the Terms and the Hirer shall be held responsible.