Notes of a site meeting with Vistry – 9 July 2021

Notes Uploaded on July 9, 2021

Notes of a site meeting held with members of Vistry held on 9th July 2021

In attendance: Cllr. Declan Torris and Vanessa Oliveri, Parish Clerk (Cllr. Sandi Garrett joined the meeting whilst at the tennis courts)

Dean Fox, Area Build Manager, Vistry and three of his colleagues

A site meeting had been called by Vistry as they were receiving a large amount of requests to open up the tennis courts in the village.

Whilst on site they discussed the snagging list which had been sent to Vistry and discussed the way forward in resolving the issues.

Vistry had taken on a new site manager to oversee the works on the Public Open Space and to keep progressing the outstanding jobs on site. It was agreed that any further issues/outstanding jobs were to be sent to Dean Fox so that action could be taken to resolve the problems sooner rather than later.

Vistry had purchased a new piece of equipment to bring onto site to bury the stones prior to levelling and seeding the Public Open Space.

A tree survey was to be undertaken on all the new trees planted on site and if any tree was showing signs of not surviving then this would be removed and another planted in it’s place. A Parish Councillor or myself were to be present when Vistry undertake the tree survey (person to be decided by the Council).

Recreation signage was required by Vistry whilst the land was still in their ownership, this was to meet safety requirements. The signs in place would have Vistry contact details on until the land gets transferred to the Parish Council and then our details would need to be displayed on them.

Whilst on site it was apparent that weeds were coming up through the surfacing of the tennis courts. Vistry were not happy with the surfacing and agreed for the nets to be removed and a large area was to be dug up to check the quality of the surface. If Vistry were not happy with the outcome then the whole of the surface would need to be resurfaced. (Awaiting an outcome from Vistry).

Parish Council notice board by the allotments – Vistry agreed that a replacement sign was required and they would look into this.

Parking by the allotments: Vistry agreed to do a letter drop to all residents in the vicinity of the allotments to note that the parking immediately alongside the tennis courts were for allotment holders use.

A full site meeting was to be arranged in the near future. Parish Councillors will be informed of this when notified by Vistry.