Notes of a site meeting with Vistry – 6 June 2022

Notes Uploaded on June 6, 2022

Notes of a site meeting with Vistry on 16.6.2022

In attendance: Cllr. A. Cairns, Chairman Cllr. S. Mitchell 4 members of Vistry Vanessa Oliveri, Parish Clerk

Points discussed at the site meeting:

  • The date of next meeting was arranged for Tuesday 5th July 2022 at the Village Hall commencing at 10.30 am. It was agreed to hold a meeting in the first week of each month as from now.
  • Bowling Green – dates to be confirmed for the bowling green works – Vistry to confirm.
  • Phased Plan for POS – A sensible phased plan for the POS was to be drawn up by Vistry and to be discussed with the PC. This would possibly be in four large sections.
  • Tennis Courts – A bramble had grown through the surface of the tennis courts. Vistry to treat the bramble as they had carried out last year as there was no evidence of any other brambles coming through at present. It was agreed that on handover there would have to be a manufacturers/installation guarantees passed onto the Parish Council.
  • Allotments – Vistry agreed to cut the allotment area and spray after a few weeks within the next four to six weeks.
  • Sheds on Allotments – Vistry had obtained prices for ten large allotment sheds, hardstanding and water butts.
  • Meadow Area just up from Allotments – This area was to be cut at the right time and before September/October this year to allow re-growth as discussed in the past.
  • Path edges – Vistry had commenced infilling gaps between the grassed areas and the pathways around the village as previously agreed. These areas are to be seeded.
  • Play Area Certificates – Vistry were awaiting a ROSPA signed off play inspection before opening up the play area just up from Ansell’s copse.
  • Tree Guards – Vistry agreed to remove all tree guards in the village after speaking to their tree specialist as parishioners were concerned that this was an environmental issue.
  • Orchard Area – Vistry agreed to cut the grass in the orchard area just off Wellington Road and behind the shop area.
  • Topping on round-a-bout – Vistry to arrange topping on the round-about to the entrance of the village after Piper Homes have connected the services to their new development in the village.
  • Kendrick development – Vistry had spoken to Kendrick regarding traffic management whilst building works were being undertaken.
  • Attenuation Pond – Albion Water will be taking on the responsibility of the attenuation pond in the village, this is under the Section 104 agreement.
  • Grass Cutting – Vistry agreed to cut the grass behind the Village Hall before the village fete on 2/7/2022.
  • Legal Costs – Vistry confirmed that they would pay for the legal costs regarding the handover of the Public Open Space.
  • Quotations for maintenance of the Public Space – Vistry agreed to draw up a process of receiving the three quotations up to handover of the POS to the Parish Council.