New Chair elected for the Parish Council featuring a headshot of Dan Holden

New Chair and Vice Chair elected

Councillor Dan Holden was elected as Chair of the Parish Council and Nick Maxey as Vice Chair following the Annual Meeting of the Upper Rissington Parish Council on Monday 17 May 2023.

Headshot of Councillor Dan HoldenCouncillor Dan Holden said “I’m looking forward to working with the full Council on the contined developments throughout the village. We have a key focus this year as we approach the adoption of the Public Open Spaces and open further facilities including the Tennis Courts and Bowling Green. Alongside this, we also want to ensure all areas of the village are supported and encourage all residents to share their ideas and suggestions on what we can do.”

“I want to thank Nick for his leadership over the last few months and also previous members of the Council who stood down at the recent elections for their time and support.

We’ll be advertising our remaining Councillor vacancies next week and I’d encourage anyone with an interest in supporting the development of the village to consider applying.

Contact or speak to any of the Councillors if you’d like an informal chat about the role.

2 thoughts on “New Chair and Vice Chair elected

  1. This article is great. Would it be possible to have a similar article showing who all our councillors are please?
    Thanking you in anticipation

    1. Avatar for Council Administrator

      Council Administrator

      Hi Annie,

      Thank you for the feedback. That’s a great suggestion and something we can do for June as a couple of Councillors are on holiday currently and I’d like to get their photos to go with the article.


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