Public Open Spaces – Update

Dear Parish members,

Please see attached to this Post the latest update on POS.  The meeting notes from 1 Dec may be found at this link.

An offer of the POS was made by Vistry in September which means that the Parish Council is required to make a decision whether to accept the offer of adoption at the December PC meeting.  If there are any major issues that need to be added to the Snagging List or any errors on Version F of the Plan below then please communicate these to the Parish Clerk as soon as possible.

Meeting Notes from Vistry Meeting_1.11.23

The current update to the Snagging List may be found at the link below

Vistry Snagging List_JKO_7.11.23

The latest version of the POS plan may be found at this link

Plan Version F_0090-0005 POS Transfer to Parish Rev F_3.11.23


2 thoughts on “Public Open Spaces – Update

  1. I had hoped to speak to someone about adopting the 3ft strip of land that abuts my property 24 Godfrey Place. For the record I have maintained this land for the last 6 years since I moved in and have had to put up with clearing everybody’s spilled rubbish from the bin collection area.
    When we moved into this property we did speak with Victory Homes (Katrina) about purchasing this land which was declined however no valid reason was given as to why we couldn’t ? Having now maintained this land for the past 6 years i would like to reopen negotiations with the correct departments about possibly purchasing.
    I would also like to advise you of a complaint to Victory I made about the lighting that was erected in the gardens behind Lutyens court. All work was halted. When we moved in before the surrounding properties were completed Katrina and Victory sales staff told us that the lighting around the gardens would be bollard (waist high) lighting like the ones installed at the front of Lutyens Court. This was shown to us on the area plan and the deeds. I explained I did not want an intrusive high level lamppost fitted. When I caught the builders fitting the current lamppost I immediately went to Victory showroom and asked them to halt the process.
    The builder explained that they had excess street lighting and didn’t have any more bollard lighting.
    I am looking forwards to hearing back from you with regards to my issues.
    Kind Regards
    Andrew Millington
    24 Godfrey Place
    Upper Rissington

    1. An email reply has been sent

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