Public Open Spaces Update

Following the EGM on Public Open Spaces please find attached the following documents for the information of residents:

Public Open Spaces Transfer Map – this shows the areas that are currently proposed to be transferred back to the Parish.  (Note: A revised map has been requested which identifies the land that the Parish currently owns, that which will be transferred to the Highways Agency and finally that which will be kept by Vistry)

POS Transfer Plan

The TP1 Document (DRAFT) – this is indicative only and does NOT yet form an offer

9904423 TP1 Draft- 15.8.23

The current major elements for the Snagging List – residents are requested to contact the Clerk if they have items which are of significant concern.

Issues raised with Vistry ref meeting on 4.9.23_12.9.23

One thought on “Public Open Spaces Update

  1. Currently, only the grass areas are being maintained. There are lots of bushes and trees which have been planted but are not being maintained, making public areas look very ‘scruffy’. When asking one of the garden personnel, who was wandering around with a strimmer, to please strim around the bushes on the public area outside our property, he refused. Surely, this should be part of the duties of keeping the public areas in a good state.

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