Pre-application enquiry – Land to the west of Delfin Way, Upper Rissington

The Parish Council were yesterday (2 Aug) sent some details by Vistry on some proposed additional development plans.  The details are given below and in the attached:

A pre-application request (including the attached material) was submitted to Cotswold District Council on the 26th June 2023.
An email was received from the allocated case office on the 5th July stating a written formal response would be sent within the 6-8 weeks. (16-30th August 2023)
If the response allows delivery of residential units on this land a formal application will be submitted at the end of September 2023 targeting a planning consent in March 2024.
If approved, it is anticipated that commencement of works would be targeted in September 2024 for completion by December 2025.

62443-MCB-ZZ-ZZ-DR-A-SK01-S3-P1_Concept Masterplan

Pre-app letter 23.06.23 Issue

62443-MCB-ZZ-ZZ-DR-A-0201-D5-P1 – Site Location Plan

62443-MCB-ZZ-ZZ-DR-A-0250-S0-P1 – Illustrative Streetscene AA’

The Parish Council offers no view at this time but we wanted all to be aware.  Please feel free to engage directly with the County Council or come and make any views you have known at the next Parish Council meeting.

12 thoughts on “Pre-application enquiry – Land to the west of Delfin Way, Upper Rissington

  1. I strongly object to any development on this land as it is a beautiful green space for us all to look at and enjoy.

    1. Please pass on your concerns to the Cotswold District Council.

  2. I agree that every small parcel of land shouldn’t be turned into residential. We need more infrastructure if anything. There has been one retail unit which has been closed for over a year now. We need a cafe/bistro as a social hub if anything. Is there a planning application number to register objections?

    1. I understand that this is a pre-application. Please pass on your comments to Cotswold District Council

  3. I strongly object the development of 24 dwellings. It will stretch the school that’s already almost to its full capacity, there are not enough amenities in the village and the immediate areas to cater to this amount of people. The natural, green spaces should be available to residents and children to play in. We are becoming a village/estate of concrete paths and brick/stone houses.

    1. Please pass on your concerns to the Cotswold District Council.

  4. Remind us again where the radium was found?!

    1. Unknown – please raise your concern with Cotswold District Council

  5. Please could you provide a link to the CDC on how we object and we can send our objections – apologies I am a bit naive to these sorts of things.
    With many thanks

    1. Hi Claire – as this is a pre-application I do not believe there is an online system. However, I believe you can send a letter referencing the letter above, together with your full name and address, to: Development Management, Cotswold District Council,Trinity Road, Cirencester, Gloucestershire GL7 1PX

      1. Thank you I am doing this today.

        1. Hi If anyone would like a copy of the letter I have sent as a draft, please feel free to dm me off the Facebook post by the Parish Council

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